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Attorney Alfonso Venegas holds a master’s degree from the University of Connecticut in U.S. legal studies and a master’s degree in maritime law from the University of Valencia, Spain. He wrote a thesis on a Comparative Study of the bill of lading between the United States and Spain. He has represented companies in recovering their merchandise from customs authorities and has worked closely with Mexican authorities and other agents in order to achieve that goal.

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The Texas law offices are strategically located. One office is on the border of the United States in order to have direct access to the trading and customs issues relevant to his clients. The other office is located in downtown Houston, the heart of the energy industry and one of the most important seaports in the U.S.

Attorney Venegas has represented companies in international arbitration proceedings and has served as arbitrator before the American Arbitration Association in New York.

He has represented Mexican and other Latin American companies in arbitration proceedings in the United States, and his knowledge of Mexican law and U.S. law has played an important role in the representation of their interests.

He is currently on the roster of arbitrators for the Houston Maritime Arbitrators Association. He is also a member of various bar associations in the United States.

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